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Best Tracks Ever. wtf.

2009-01-17 15:29:11 by afgc55

I just noticed my "Legend of Zelda: NES Mix" song is #28 on the All-time top scoring list. That's fucking insane. I never expected it to get there. A few other landmarks: 1,500+ downloads, 100+ favorites, 50+ reviews. That's just pretty damn awesome.

To be honest, I was never very into making music, I learned to play the trumpet and read sheet music, but that was about it. Then I downloaded FL Studio, and made that Mario song. That was the first song I ever made, and I still have no idea why people review it so positively, because I always thought it was pretty lame. A few songs (and one year) after that, I made The Legend of Zelda: NES Mix, which, to this day, has been my most successful song yet.

Thanks to all of you who reviewed, voted, and gave me something to do.

<3 you guys.

A word on stolen music. .

2007-09-27 15:00:34 by afgc55

First, I would like to point out, I never EVER steal the music I put on Newgrounds. I ALWAYS make it myself, sometimes with some help from other people, but I will NEVER post a copy of a song. Second, I would like to point out that it is a violation of the ToS to post other song, without the artists permission, so I would probably be marked for that, I'm not sure what sort of punishments Newgrounds has but it certainly wouldn't be worth my account, to post a stolen song.

Thirdly, I don't want anybody telling me my song is stolen, without fully assuring themselves that it is, (that means you Psyguy, i don't like to single people out, but you were the first to do this). If, for some reason unknown to me, you do truly think the song is stolen, PM me, and I will gladly send you a copy, of the entire written out, FL studio music, to completely assure you, it is a real original song by me.

Thanks for your time, afgc55

NEW SONG: Mario 64 Winged and Metal Cap

2007-09-21 20:51:26 by afgc55

I mean, you could at least post a review why. But nothing along the lines of

Yes, another Mario song. No, I don't really enjoy shelling out overdone, songs, but, due to lack of requests, and my desire to do an easy song, I have made another. This one takes the form of the two cap themes from Super Mario 64. On that note, you have noticed in many of my recent songs, I've been using lots of contrast, whether it be in the volume, genre, speed, I just like the way it sounds, and these two songs, although very similar, are nice sounding when played in contrast.

Now for some random coincidences:

- This song is the same length in time as Van Halen's "Eruption"

- This song was released by me on the anniversary day of Caesar's Palace 2000 for Dreamcast.

- Yes, I looked up that last fact.

- The second part of this song is done in the same BPM as Tainted Love by Soft Cell. <_<


I made the Mario picture.

NEW SONG: Mario 64 Winged and Metal Cap

Taking Music Suggestions

2007-08-09 20:34:58 by afgc55

I am completely out of ideas. So, I'm now thinking about taking any suggestions from anybody, for remaking/remixing a song of their choice. I prefer to remake video game songs, if you havent noticed, and I will gladly remake/mix that choice song into any of the electronic, classical, or jazz genres. After I've seen enough ideas, I'll pick one, see how well I can work with it, and (assuming it starts off well enough) I will announce which song i will be doing, 2 or 3 days after the suggestions have been posted. Don't get too hopeful though, it may take me longer, because i've got other things to do. If you have an idea, post a comment including the song and genre you want.
Here is a list of my music in case you want to hear it. afgc55's Music

I Hate 0 voters

2007-08-09 20:14:05 by afgc55

I hate people who vote zero's on my music, and I hate it more when they don't leave a review explaining why.