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Entry #5

Best Tracks Ever. wtf.

2009-01-17 15:29:11 by afgc55

I just noticed my "Legend of Zelda: NES Mix" song is #28 on the All-time top scoring list. That's fucking insane. I never expected it to get there. A few other landmarks: 1,500+ downloads, 100+ favorites, 50+ reviews. That's just pretty damn awesome.

To be honest, I was never very into making music, I learned to play the trumpet and read sheet music, but that was about it. Then I downloaded FL Studio, and made that Mario song. That was the first song I ever made, and I still have no idea why people review it so positively, because I always thought it was pretty lame. A few songs (and one year) after that, I made The Legend of Zelda: NES Mix, which, to this day, has been my most successful song yet.

Thanks to all of you who reviewed, voted, and gave me something to do.

<3 you guys.


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2009-06-21 23:41:37

hey there, the names Kou, any way, I was wondering if I can use your Zelda NES mix song for a video of mine for Newgrounds, if I do, i'll give you credit

afgc55 responds:

Go for it man. I didn't put it up for my health.


2009-07-28 23:19:35

It's a classic melody and it's a good mix, the perfect combination.

+ I owe you 10,000 Internets, I've fixed ST and it runs fine and dandy now :D.

afgc55 responds:

Glad to here it. Sounds like it was pretty simple to fix, hopefully it won't get messed up again.